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October 31st, 2018

CCI FRANCE CHINE is pleased to invite you to our working group

Intellectual Property Working Group: How to Conserve, Obtain and Use Evidence in Intellectual Property Counterfeiting Cases?

Evidence is a key element of litigation. This is more than true in counterfeiting cases. In France, the procedural weapons offered to the plaintiff facilitate the demonstration of the infringement while, in China, it is generally up to the parties of litigation to collect evidence by their own. In this case, how to obtain evidence in the hands of the infringers in a lawful manner? You need lawyers, investigators and notaries: lawyers determine and indicate what relevant evidence to collect and requirement, investigators uses their ways to obtain them and notaries certify that the evidence collected is authentic and lawful.

About speakers and their topics

Topic: Evidence on counterfeiting before French courts

Céline Thirapounnho
Céline is senior intellectual property (IP) counselor of LLR China. She has got her Master degrees from Universities Paris I and Paris II and has practiced as a French lawyer in Paris for 11 years on IP counselling (licensing and transaction / IP support on corporate transactions) and on IP litigation mainly in the fields of Luxury, Retail and Consumer goods, Media, Entertainment and Technology.


Topic: What Evidence to Collect and How to Valuate Your Evidence in Counterfeiting Litigations?

LIU Daochen
Daochen is senior partner of Beijing Handing United Law Firm. He has more than 20 years' experience in intellectual property litigation. Famous for his competence in this field, he is distinguished lawyer in strategy on IP dispute settlement. For one of its clients, he obtained the highest historic amount of damages for a patent infringement in China (157.5 M CNY, i.e. 21 M €).


Topic: How to Make Intellectual Property Related Investigation in China?

Andrew Houlbrook

Andrew has worked for 7 years as Intelligence Analyst at the Metropolitan Police, New Scotland Yard in London, UK, in support of proactive police operations disrupting organized criminal networks. He joined PSU in 2015 as director of PSU Business Intelligence and Investigations. He has a Master of Informatics from the University of Edinburgh.


Topic: How to Notarize Evidence for IP cases?

YU Kun
Kun is senior Chinese notary of Beijing Changan Notary Office. She has got her Master Degree from Remin University of China and entered into the profession in 2004. She has rich experience in the certification of evidence for intellectual property infringement, unfair competition and labor contract disputes.


FENG Shujie
Law Professor, Senior IP Counsellor (LLR China)

With a Ph.D. of University Paris I- Pantheon Sorbonne, Shujie is also expert of the Case-Law Center of the Supreme People’s Court. He has rich experience in advising companies on contract, management and enforcement of intellectual property.



Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

6:30 pm -9:00 pm


Free for CCI FRANCE CHINE members

CCI FRANCE CHINE Beijing office

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